Thursday, December 31, 2009


Over the xmas break we headed to Goondiwindi to see Great Grandma who is 92 and still going strong. This is the first time that she has seen Jordyn and she was delighted to see us all. we had a photo or two taken with MIL camera as I forgot mine in the rush to leave. Will post a pic when I get one. Will we were there we went to see the new chipmunk movie, not bad some good funny bits.
Hope everyones Xmas was good and that Santa was nice to you. The girls were spoilt rotten as per usual, I recieved a new laptop from hubby and the girls, MIL got me a beautiful Venesian glass necklace all the way from Vienna when she was there earlier in the year as well as a new toweling robe and a dinner set (spoilt). My Brother and his wife gave us a HD set top box for our bedroom TV and a slushy machine (yum!!). Phil recieved a authentic swiss army knife that his Mum got him in Switzerland (spelling sorry). It took us 2 days to put all the toys together and clean up all the boxes etc. Glad its over for another year.

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