Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today I turned 37, sometimes I feel 137 but most of the time I don't feel any different than I did 10 years ago, although I wish I knew what I do today 10 years ago.
I spent a lovely day with two of my closest friends at the Plantation, we took the kids down for a swim it has some really good kids pools, then to lunch at my fave restaurant McDonald's. Phil came home and took me out for dinner at The Glen Hotel, bit nice, over ate but thems the breaks. Thanks to my best-est bud Alia for looking after My Boofulz Girls for a couple of hours while we were out.
I received a Laptop from Phil YAY!!! My MIL gave me some beautiful swarscofski earrings and a very touching card (thanks mum). Got some nice bath balls from Alia and some nice bath stuff from Jules. Received lots of text messages and phone calls. BUT.... to my Mum..... you forgot me again this year...that's two years in a row Grrr!
Anyway I am another year older and the past year has been wonderful, I have become a stay at home mum again, had another beautiful baby girl, have more time to scrap and am enjoying life, so all in all I have had a good year.


jaki said...

Happy Birthday Trace :)
Glad you had a nice day out, the Plantation is great, and dinner out with hubby and without kids is a pretty special way to finish the day.

Unknown said...

Thanks J

Bec said...

Happy Belated Birthday Trace!! Glad you had a nice day. Sounds like you got really spoilt.