Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Tayla started Prep today after a little bit of a cry last night about being embarrassed and scared that people will call her silly, (not sure where that came from but...). I had intended to take a bag of empty boxes with me to prep for the kids to make things out of and Tayla in all her wisdom told me that she would be embarassed if I took them, so I promised not to take them until she told me I could then I taught her the sticks and stones rhyme and she was all good, she went off to bed at her new bedtime without a drama.
This morning she was soooo excited to go she got up and had breakfast a bath so she would be fresh and dressed herself in her uniform and got her bag ready. Daddy made it home in time to come with us which she was happy about. We got there and found her locker, put her books away and found a seat at a table where she progressed to play to her hearts content. NO TEARS NO FUSS, SEE YA MUM SEE YA DAD BYE JORDY. After about 20mins Phil and I went to a morning tea with the Principal and then home. All in all she was great and had a good morning.
I have to learn to leave a bit earlier to get a good park and allow for problems with Jordy, its all a learning game for me too. Here are some pics of the big day.....


Enina J Designs said...

Great photos Trace :) I got a bit teary looking at these pics

jaki said...

So glad it went well Trace, I was thinking of you this morning.
Great photos, glad Daddy made it home, things like that are what kids remember.
PS. give it a week and the parking won't be so bad in the mornings ;)

The Organizers said...

So grown up, it makes me smile seeing her this way.

Bec said...

How grown up does she look. I can't believe that they are all off to school. Know what you mean about the parking thing too..... Its packed where Mia goes.

Sam said...

aww how grown up does she look Trace!!

My baby starts school on Monday! eeek no kids at home :D

Glad it all went well for her today.