Friday, April 9, 2010


Well I am over the school holidays, Tayla is a constant whine about "what can I do now?". Worst thing is that this is the shortest school holidays in the year!! Phil had 5 days off over Easter which was lovely, he spent some quality time with Tayla doing some gardening. Spent Easter Sunday with my Family which was good, the girls got spoilt rotten of course. ( will be eating chocolate for a month ). Tayla's bunny trap failed to catch the Easter Bunny again this years but she will keep trying ( she wants to see what he looks like). I have finally caught up on my washing thanks to Alia who helped me out yesterday (she makes me feel slack). I am currently working on a very large canvas, so I got some of that done last night. Took some pics over the break though you might like to see, I think there pretty cute but they are pictures of MY kids...

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