Saturday, May 22, 2010


Jordyn had her 1st birthday this week, I cannot believe she is 1 already. I am a bit sad as I have lost my baby and now have a toddler but am happy she is thriving. We had her party last saturday so that Nanny and Poppy could attend before they went off to Canada on holidays. We combined it with Anabelles 3rd birthday, so we were able to have some entertainment, Alia hired a magician called Johnny the Jester, he was fantastic and kept the kids entertained for a bit over an hour. He also brought along 2 snakes and a rabbit so all the kids got to have thier photo taken with a snake even Jordy. All in all it was a great day, Jordyn and Anabelle got spoilt rotten with lots of presents and cuddles. Jordy enjoyed herself so much she had a very long sleep half way through the party. Thanks to everyone for coming along and thank you for the great presents, Jordyn will be the best dressed girl all winter.

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Bec said...

Love the first photo Trace. Thanks for having us. Mia had a great time. The magician was awesome.