Monday, March 11, 2013

About Me

Hi Couture Creators
Since you have been seeing my work for a couple of weeks now and I though it was time I introduced myself....My name is Tracey Cooley and I am super excited to be the Special Projects member of the Couture Creations Design Team. I am 40 years young and live in sometimes sunny Queensland in the Logan area. I have 2 beautiful and sometimes rambunctious daughters and I have been married 10 yrs to a man that truly looks after me. I am super lucky to have a handful of TRUE friends and a wonderful supportive family. I have been scrap booking for approx. 9 yrs and love to play with different techniques and see what I can come up with. I love the way that paper craft can bring generations together, it fills me with joy to see my mother (70), my sister (50) and my daughters (3 and 8) sitting at my craft table scrap booking together.  It also lets me have some me time occasionally, where I can hide away in my craft room and find my sanity when life seems to be sending me crazy, I keep telling my husband it is cheaper than therapy! (when he walks through my craft room I do not think he believes me!) I have a love of stationery and my paper craft feeds that love,  there is nothing like finding or making that perfect embellishment and the satisfaction of a finished page or card just the way you envisioned it. I love trolling the Internet to find inspiration in other things and marvel at how clever some people are. I only hope that I can inspire others the way they inspire me.
Keep on Creating!

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