Monday, March 4, 2013


Well I am happy to say my DH has been home for 4 days (he leaves again in the morning) and he is about to attach another new addition to my scrap room wall..... yep my darling Brother (shopfitter and cabinet maker extraordinaire) has made me a cupboard especially for my ink pads,  well.....they maybe mostly my sisters ink pads but they live in my room so..........whats hers in mine and vice verse. I do solemnly swear that when we have finally finished rearranging just about everything in the room I will do an video update of what it looks like now...its not too much different just more stuff!!!!!!!!!
funny that.

I am also busy doing some invitations and some Sue Smythe inspired shoes for a friend along with some projects for Couture Creations using the beautiful Fine Design Embossing Folders... so, busy busy again!!

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