Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Ok so I was asked to put some pics of my scraproom up on my blog... I did this room about 3 or 4 years ago and it took about 4 months to do...and I have been adding to it aver that time also... I have a bit of a fascination with Africa and wanted my room to be black and white (one of my fav colour combos) and what better pattern to have found... I now Share this room with my sister Lesa and my Best Friend Alia who both keep there scrapping gear here as this is where we craft anyway.

embossing station

stamp and tools cupboards

flowers, dies, stamps extra tapes etc
ribbons, punches, embossing folders and album cupboard
machine table and big screen TV
Light Box, tote storage and bits and bobs cupboard
stickers, flowers and bling
embellishments. paper and cardstock
inspirational beams and ceiling!
I love this space..... if only I could keep it clean!!!


kerriegurney said...

Tracey your room is awesome ...i really need to get in and clean my room up ....maybe after i finish all my class projects, kits and instructions ...bahaa

Alexia Misso said...

So beautiful craft room, I craft on my dining table! I don't have a craft room, wish to have one someday!

Bridget Larsen said...

Oh My goodness whats the name of your shop again? Will have to come visit hahha