Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Hi Everyone 

I found myself with a small empty bottle the other day! Yes I now this is not a big deal really, unless it one of those Mini Crystal Head Vodka Bottles and Halloween is just around the corner.
I fill my Crystal Skull with water that I added a touch of food colouring too and resealed it. Then I made it a Halloween Hat.

This will take pride of place in my Halloween decorations. To do this project all you need is a crystal skull, and some Couture Creations.

To make the base of your hat take some Couture Creations Circle Nesting Dies and cut a large circle then cut a smaller from the center or do them both at once!

Then take a strip of cardstock and roll it then attache the brim of your hat and the top of your hat.

Then cut a Couture Creations Lace Pockets and fun Tied together Saxony die and tim the edges so you are left with a neat rectangle. Then attach it to the front of your hat

Using Couture Creations 2mm Gemstones add a gem to the points where the pattern meet. 
Then of course we need to add flowers!! 
You can see how to make the flowers on my previous post for the Classic Violin you just need to use the second smallest Couture Creations Floral Layers Die
Here is a Link to take you there FLOWERS TUT!

Once you have made your flowers you can then attach them to your hat! I have also used some coal coloured muslin underneath with a metal embellishment. then I took the Bird from the Couture Creations Secret Garden Sparrow on a branch and cut him out in black so he looked like a crow and added him above the flowers.
To finish it off I add some flourishes cut from the Secret Garden  Tall Flourish die. 
Oh and of course a little bottle of magic dust on the side!

Here is a closer look at the awesome Couture Creations Die cuts!

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