Tuesday, October 27, 2009


YAYYYY!!!!! I know that sounds terrible but I do love the days that Tayla goes to kindy, I find myself in a much more relaxed state of mind. Today Lesa and I will be off to visit Anita and then to visit Nikki and home, not sure what Phil is going to amuse himself with now that he is an unemployed bum. He had a meeting yesterday with a guy from the airport link so hopefully that will come off and he (and the rest of the guys) will be back to work within the fortnight.


Enina J Designs said...


That doesnt sound bad at all, we all need some sanity mate :)

Bec said...

Hey don't feel bad man..... I love Kindy Days!!!! Have a great day Trace.

Tania said...

Hey Trace,

GOt something to amuse my little koala bear next time I come down.....whenever that may be !!!!