Friday, October 23, 2009


Left home at 9am this morning to have quick visit with Nikki to pick up my Tiara for our weekend away, then off to drop Jordy with Aunty Tam as I went to drop paperwork at kindilan, then back to Tams for a quick bite to eat, then off to visit Nancy whom I haven't seen for some time. A big thanks to Nancy for all the toys etc for Tayla. Then home to pic up Tayla from daycare, then bathe, feed and eat, do some emailing etc and here I am. phew!!!!
Phil is now home for a while as he is out of work as of today, he is planning a couple of weeks rest until he finds something else. Fingers crossed it is only a couple of weeks. He will soooo interupt my routine.
Tomorrow is another big day, have ballet in the morning then over to Mums to drop the girls off then I go to redcliffe to a wedding rehersal as I am the photographer, back to pick up the girls and home for the arrival of the Smith Family.

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