Sunday, January 31, 2010


Tayla recieved one of her birthday presents early today... a new bike so we took the girls and their bikes to the park as next weekend we are taking them to the plantation for Tayla's birthday so there would be nowhere to ride her new bike. A bit of fun was had by all, Tayla has never rode a bike without training wheels so she was a bit scared but Daddy had it all under control.Jordy absolutley loved the the bike Nanny and Poppy bought her for Xmas, it was a bit wet but we all survived.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


My BFF Alia came over last nite for a scrap, we finished around 1am and I only got 2 LOs done, one was a copy of the xmas one I did alittle while ago to go into Jordy's album and the first of Jordy's naming day LOs. I scrap lifted it so no talent required. Photo of it is a bit blurry sorry about that.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


While I was at the grand opening of Kaisercraft at Browns Plains on Saturday I picked up a $5 challenge bag it consisted of 4 half pieces of PP, 12" of ribbon, 9 flowers and a balloon..... yes a balloon. I was allowed to add to it so I added a wooden pen holder, some glitter (of course), some wire I cut from coat hangers and a little bit more ribbon. And this is what I come up with.....


Tayla started Prep today after a little bit of a cry last night about being embarrassed and scared that people will call her silly, (not sure where that came from but...). I had intended to take a bag of empty boxes with me to prep for the kids to make things out of and Tayla in all her wisdom told me that she would be embarassed if I took them, so I promised not to take them until she told me I could then I taught her the sticks and stones rhyme and she was all good, she went off to bed at her new bedtime without a drama.
This morning she was soooo excited to go she got up and had breakfast a bath so she would be fresh and dressed herself in her uniform and got her bag ready. Daddy made it home in time to come with us which she was happy about. We got there and found her locker, put her books away and found a seat at a table where she progressed to play to her hearts content. NO TEARS NO FUSS, SEE YA MUM SEE YA DAD BYE JORDY. After about 20mins Phil and I went to a morning tea with the Principal and then home. All in all she was great and had a good morning.
I have to learn to leave a bit earlier to get a good park and allow for problems with Jordy, its all a learning game for me too. Here are some pics of the big day.....

Monday, January 18, 2010


Sunday was Jordyns Naming Ceremony attended by good friends and family. It was a stinking hot day but went off without a hitch. Jordyn looked like the Princess she is in a dress specially made by her Nanny. Wearing a beautiful Pandora style Bracelet from Uncle Dave and Auntie Julie with charms that spell out her name from Grandma. Along with heaps of other beautiful gifts from her guests. Tayla was not left out as she sprinkled flower petals on top of Jordyns head whilst we all officially named and blessed her. Tayla also received a gift... A certificate of Elder Sister, it is to certify that she promises to be kind, thoughtful and loving to her sister (promises she will never be able to keep).
Jordyns guardians are the same as Tayla's: Lesa Bird her Instructor of Arts and Crafts, Grant Walterfang her Keeper of Adventure, Julie Bird her In-stiller of Style and Good Fashion and David Bird her Encourager of Dreams. Thanks to these four special people who will be a huge part of Jordyns and Taylas lives.
I am very happy with the way the cake turned out at first when I finished it on Friday I was not completely happy but add a couple of things Saturday and was finally happy with the result.
A Big Thank you to MUM, DAD, LESA, TAM, ALIA and GRANDMA for all the help that you gave me leading up and on the day if not for all of you I never would have gotten everything done.








Tayla graduated from preschool on Friday... she looked so cute in her outfit. She is a big girl now and off to prep.


If I could put her in it I would, she has her heart set on becoming a model. She poses constantly in front of the camera and the mirror. Elle McPherson eat your heart out.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well my house is full of the flu and other things, Jordyn and I have the flu and Tayla has tonsillitis, the only healthy person is Phil.... I have so much to do to get ready for Jordy's naming day and I feel like crap and she is a bit high maintenance ATM as well. But I will press on and hopefully get everything organized for next Sunday.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today I turned 37, sometimes I feel 137 but most of the time I don't feel any different than I did 10 years ago, although I wish I knew what I do today 10 years ago.
I spent a lovely day with two of my closest friends at the Plantation, we took the kids down for a swim it has some really good kids pools, then to lunch at my fave restaurant McDonald's. Phil came home and took me out for dinner at The Glen Hotel, bit nice, over ate but thems the breaks. Thanks to my best-est bud Alia for looking after My Boofulz Girls for a couple of hours while we were out.
I received a Laptop from Phil YAY!!! My MIL gave me some beautiful swarscofski earrings and a very touching card (thanks mum). Got some nice bath balls from Alia and some nice bath stuff from Jules. Received lots of text messages and phone calls. BUT.... to my Mum..... you forgot me again this year...that's two years in a row Grrr!
Anyway I am another year older and the past year has been wonderful, I have become a stay at home mum again, had another beautiful baby girl, have more time to scrap and am enjoying life, so all in all I have had a good year.