Thursday, February 25, 2010


Tayla has been at school for what? 4 weeks.. And she is having boy problems already. She has about 4-5 boys that just won't leave her alone, although she does not mind me thinks. She told me the other day that they try and kiss her (only on the cheek) and that sometimes its annoying but generally she does not mind..........OMG!!!! what will she be like at 16!! I overheard them all fighting about who was going to be her bofriend. One of them has told his mother that he is going to marry her! And here I was all panic stricken on the first day of school hoping against all hope that she would not be picked on or feel inadequate and she is the most popular girl in school. I am soooo not looking forward to the teenage years.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Thanks Bec for a lovely day at your baby shower, was really good to catch up with everyone and to meet Char and Marks little boy Ethan, also to see their house all finished. Hope you had a great day too and that you loved all your gifts. It will take you a week to get through them all.
Thanks to Char and Mark for having us at their home, and what a lovely home it is, especially that deck. Had a really nice time thanks a bunch.

Friday, February 19, 2010

MORE $$$

My car has now had a service, a new alternator, a new drive belt and new brake fluid... and is running like a dream but..... the things it needs done next service is a bit of a worry, in addition to the $950 that we spent on it on monday it cost us another $891 yesterday and they want more next service. Think I might take it somewhere else next time. But as I said it is running like a dream so I should not complain. It is safe to put my children in again and that is worth more than $1841 anyday.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Just when you think your bank account is looking reasonable... the car gets sick. Yesterday I went over to Alia's to drop the kids while I grocery shopped and when I went to get back in it it would not start... Luckily my good mate has a spare so I joined the RACQ but had to wait one day till I could call them so with Alias car I did the groceries then went home to wait to call the RACQ. After school drop off this morning I went around to Alia's to wait for them and believe it or not they were there in about 5 mins.. I ended up having a flat battery, so they gave me a jump start and told me to take it for a drive for about half an hour. So after cruising up the highway for 30 min I decided to go and get the new tyres for it that I had been putting off for too long, after having flash new tyres put on and a wheel alignment it would not start again....... so I decided to put a new battery in it as well, did not want to get stuck anywhere with a screaming baby in this heat. BUT... apparently according to the Goodyear Auto centre guy (who was very nice and sent his wife out to the goodyear tyre warehouse to get me the tyres that they did not have instock so I could get them today), tells me my alternator is sick.... So I have just spent $950 thinking everything will be good and now, I will be up for some more money on thursday as I have booked it in for a service aqnd will ask them to check the alternator. I am now skint or will be on thursday anyway. BLOODY cars.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Yesterday my baby took her first steps, just a couple but today she took about 5-6. I no longer have a baby but a toddler, I am a bit sad that I am losing my baby but am excited that she has achieved a big milestone. Now she will be getting into more things she is already into everything imagine what she will get into when she is off and running. (sigh) It won't be long and I will be taking her off to her first day at school. Only seems like yesterday that Tayla took her first steps....