Monday, March 8, 2010


What you may ask???? I have forgotten to take something to school, I knew it was just a matter of time before I forgot to take something and disappointed my daughter. Last Thursday I forgot Taylas library bag.... yep she could not lend another book because she had not returned the one from the previous week. Apparently she was devastated and its all my fault. I have now set an alarm on my mobile to remind me on Thursdays to put it in and promised that I will try my hardest never to do it again. Hopefully she will forgive me.
On another note about school, Tayla has a bully at school, she is not hassled all the time, but when she is it makes me feel sick to my stomach, as being a nerd at school myself I know a bit about how it feels to be the brunt of a bully. What I do not know is how to handle it, any suggestions people? Tayla is not the kind of kid to retaliate, so not quite sure how to deal with it other than to tell her teacher.


jaki said...

oh Trace, definitely tell the teacher, they are right onto it with the little ones particularly and will talk to the whole class about it without singling anyone out. Chances are Tayla isn't the only one being bullied by this child.

Bec said...

Trace, I would have to agree with Jaki. Let the teacher know. That way you can help Tayla together.