Monday, April 12, 2010


I recieved some bad news the other day one of my Uncles has just been diagnosed with Progressive Brain Cancer. He will be operated on either tomorrow or Wednesday, they think they can get up to 90% of it, then he will have radiation treatment for the rest. Hopefully this will do the trick. It is a frighteneing thing and all my hopes and good wishes are with him, my Aunt and 3 cousins. Kind of remeinds me that we are mortal, and that life can sometimes be a little unfair, he is a good man and does not deserve this horrible desease. He ande my Aunt were due to go to Canada with my Mum and Dad next month, the doctors have told him to go so hopefully he will have a great time and forget about his illness for a while.


jaki said...

Sending you hugs Trace, and lots of positive thoughts for your Uncle!

Enina J Designs said...

Hey Trace......I hope all goes well for your Uncles op and he has a wonderful time away with your mum & dad.......Hugs coming your way