Saturday, May 22, 2010


Jordyn had her 1st birthday this week, I cannot believe she is 1 already. I am a bit sad as I have lost my baby and now have a toddler but am happy she is thriving. We had her party last saturday so that Nanny and Poppy could attend before they went off to Canada on holidays. We combined it with Anabelles 3rd birthday, so we were able to have some entertainment, Alia hired a magician called Johnny the Jester, he was fantastic and kept the kids entertained for a bit over an hour. He also brought along 2 snakes and a rabbit so all the kids got to have thier photo taken with a snake even Jordy. All in all it was a great day, Jordyn and Anabelle got spoilt rotten with lots of presents and cuddles. Jordy enjoyed herself so much she had a very long sleep half way through the party. Thanks to everyone for coming along and thank you for the great presents, Jordyn will be the best dressed girl all winter.


We did a lolly buffet for Jordyn and Anabelles birthday party, I scrapped the lolly jars and a letter J for the table. I think it turned out pretty good.

Monday, May 10, 2010


This first story is a bit yuk but funny all the same... Yesterday afternoon Jordyn was in my scrap room and knocked over a bowl of rhinestones, you know the cheap ones that you have to glue on about the size of you little finger nail. Well before I could get to her she had put a couple in her mouth.... and swallowed them. Next morning whilst changing her nappy I found the rhinestones..... YES her poo was sparkling. So now her poos don't stink they sparkle.

Yesterday afternoon again, Jordyn and Tayla were playing in the backyard and Tayla had her binoculars, after a bit she decided to share them with Jordy. this is how she looked thru them.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Today for Mothers Day my beautiful Tayla gave me some soap, a washer, a phone charm and a $1 coin, bless her, she bought these at school from the Mothers Day stall. They are my favourite presents.
Phil gave me this beautiful Guess watch, its just gorgeous and very me, helps that I went and got it but he did pay for it.....

Was talking to my MIL today and realised there are a few things I have not blogged over recent weeks so here is my catch up. Meet Wally he is a toy crocodile and he is a reward given at school for good behavior, he comes home with you and spends the night at your house and you have to draw a picture of him and parents have to write a short story of their adventures together. Tayla was the first in her class to get to take Wally home. Just goes to show she is a different girl at school........ Wally helped Tayla do her homework, then they played the guitar together, played on the swings, had dinner, wally was NOT allowed to have a bath with her, and finally they drifted off to sleep together to dream of new adventures tomorrow.

Last week Tayla attended her very first school disco it had a jungle theme so she wore her leopard print tights. She had a wonderful time and even won a prize for dancing. Heer is a couple of pics just before we left to go to the disco.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Tomorrow will be spent celebrating my twin nieces birthday they are turning 7 (i think). Down to the park to spend some time with them and Grandma for Mothers Day. I get breakfast cooked for me every sunday which is always nice so already know I am getting that, can't wait to see what Tayla bought me from the Mothers Day stall at school. Phil has bought me a beautiful Guess watch, I love it and feel a bit flash wearing it. Hope your Mothers Day is full of love.
Happy Birthday tomorrow also to my BFF Alia, she is turning the big 31, happy birthday mate.

I have been busy lately scrapping some jars for the lolly buffet at Jordyns bday party will post some pics when they are done.