Sunday, May 9, 2010


Today for Mothers Day my beautiful Tayla gave me some soap, a washer, a phone charm and a $1 coin, bless her, she bought these at school from the Mothers Day stall. They are my favourite presents.
Phil gave me this beautiful Guess watch, its just gorgeous and very me, helps that I went and got it but he did pay for it.....

Was talking to my MIL today and realised there are a few things I have not blogged over recent weeks so here is my catch up. Meet Wally he is a toy crocodile and he is a reward given at school for good behavior, he comes home with you and spends the night at your house and you have to draw a picture of him and parents have to write a short story of their adventures together. Tayla was the first in her class to get to take Wally home. Just goes to show she is a different girl at school........ Wally helped Tayla do her homework, then they played the guitar together, played on the swings, had dinner, wally was NOT allowed to have a bath with her, and finally they drifted off to sleep together to dream of new adventures tomorrow.

Last week Tayla attended her very first school disco it had a jungle theme so she wore her leopard print tights. She had a wonderful time and even won a prize for dancing. Heer is a couple of pics just before we left to go to the disco.

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Sam said...

Wow!!! How grown us is Tayla!!
Gorgeous watch and I love what you got ... looks similar to my stash. :D