Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Thank goodness the school holidays are over and life can become a routine again. Tayla did not really want to go back but that's life..... she was extremely hard to wake up in the morning, then I finally got her to school without much problem....Then I picked her UP!!!! She was a little sad when I picked her up, so when we got in the car I asked her what the problem was and she broke down and started sobbing that she had gotten in trouble at school.... So I went back to the classroom and spoke to her teacher and she had been moved that day as she was TALKING TO MUCH. The little social butterfly that she is was to busy talking to her friends instead of doing her school work. Needless to say we have had a serious chat about not listening to her teacher and talking to much to her friends and not doing her school work. I know she is just a preppy but I feel I have to set a precedent for the future, and in the future I want her to be an astute student (I want her to be popular as well but astute too) with good grades and she won't get those if she is not LISTENING in class.

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