Friday, August 20, 2010


Well my eldest daughter (miss 5) is a little floozy....she came home from prep today to tell me that she had had the best day EVA!!!! Because one of the boys in her class (Taj) that she has been off again, on again with all year had sat next to her at 1st break and then he sat next to her to watch a movie at 2nd break (it was a rainy day so no outside play) THEN he sat next to her in class. I asked her what about her boyfriend? she said very matter of factly that she dumped him and now she is Taj's girlfreind. OMG!!! what will she be like when she is a teenager....

Miss 1 goes from clean to filthy in 2.3 seconds.... She is so into everything that as soon as I clean my house it is filthy again in no time as she just cannot keep still. What will I do with her?

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