Saturday, January 8, 2011


Sorry its been so long since I posted, Christmas was fantastic spent with Family, My darling husband bought me a new canon SLR for Xmas and my birthday, isn't he spesh.

From the New year I have been renovating and decorating my scrap room so have been very busy doing that along with getting ready for back to school. Tayla is starting year 1 this year and has gotten into a 1/2 composite class so she is a bit nervous about getting new teachers and being in a class with older kids, but I am positive that she will do fine as usual.

Jordyn will be starting daycare when school goes back also... I am pleased that I will get some of my own life back but I fear I will miss her terribly. She will love it and be the king pin of her room in no time I think, I will be the one getting the phone calls about the how naughty she has been I think (she is such a shocker) I never got a phone call about Tayla.

Phil is still working plenty hard at the airport link, the rain is hindering the progress of the job but you cannot help mother nature.

Anyway I have more painting to do in the scraproom (will put up pics soon) talk again soon