Saturday, February 12, 2011


Well alot has happened this month in my life and I gotta tell you I am over it....
After Tayla turned 6 and we went to white water world and she took me on this monsterous waterslide, trying to finish my scraproom unsuccessfully, working for a week, Tayla starting cheerleading, trying to organized a surprise party for phils 40th, and then this!!!!

Yep Jordyn has a fractured Leg!!!!! she thought she would climb the ladder of her sisters new bed and of course fell off, it is not a bad fracture just a minimal greenstick fracture....we have an appointment at the fracture clinic at the mater childrens hospital on tuesday arfternoon. Wish me luck.
anyway life was not meant to easy so I will keep going. I did however get a wonderful photo of miss broken leg before her little accident that I would share. It is so cute qnd has become my favourite photo, can't wait to scrap it... ONCE THE ROOM IS FINISHED