Monday, May 27, 2013


Hi Ladies

Just a quick update on what you should bring to my upcoming class at the Brisbane Papercraft Expo

basic kit
Dark purple/violet pigment ink pad
a 5cm square acrylic stamp block
dble sided tape
foam mounting tape

That's pretty much it everything else is supplied... there  is still time to book so get online here and book your spot.

Don't forget our Alice in wonderland theme, we will be dressing our classroom up and our tutuors so best book into to join the fun....

Friday, May 24, 2013


Hi Creators!

I went for a stroll around one of my LSS the other day and found a little bag of soft leather in browns and creams and it got me to home I went to play with the leather I had just purchased and some of my Couture Creations goodies.

There are a couple of techniques on this Layout that I would like to share with you.
Distressed Edge: The first is a simple one using the Couture Creations Precision Scissors. Simply open your scissors and run them back and forth along the edge of your paper to give a fantastic distressed edge. HINT: I do have one of those distressing gadgets but must say I get a much better edge with these scissors.

Embossed Leather: I wanted to cut my leather into shapes, so I used my Couture Creations nesting dies.** the dies did not quite cut all the way through the leather but it did give me a great line to go by making it really easy to cut out perfect shapes.

Spray your leather with water making it wet.. (this gives a crisper embossed image)

then simply emboss your leather with a Couture Creations Embossing folder, I have used Sweet Dreams Ello (cream) and Fine Designs Exotic (brown). Allow to air dry before applying to project.
Open Rose: Cut 1 small flower with Couture Creations Nesting Die Daisy and 2 of the next largest size. Cut into middle using Couture Creations Precision Scissors. **not all the way to the centre you want to leave a section of the middle for adhesive.
Spritz with water, you want to make them fairly wet for the next step.
roll each petal over a pencil or large skewer, then with your fingers squeeze the sides of the petal together so it crushes together.
Do this for all petals and let dry..
once your flowers are dry, straighten them back out ( you will notice the petals now have an aged look). Then roll each petal with a smaller skewer. Repeat this to all flowers
Once your flowers are rolled, simply layer them so that the bottom 
  layer of rolled petals are facing down and the next two layers, petals face upwards using the smaller flower for the upper most layer. Add some beads or stamen to the centre to finish off.
Couture Creations Products used
Keep on creating!


Saturday, May 18, 2013


Yep 4 years ago tomorrow my Baby Jordyn entered this world and boy I had no idea what I was in for.... but she will be a big girls now and will start school next year. I wonder where the time has gone, sometime I think I should have stopped to smell the roses a bit more on her journey. But life is busy and we all do what we can...
And although this little girl is a whirl wind of activity and mischief and gets into all sorts of things that she is not supposed to, I love her with all my heart and she surprises me and makes me laugh everyday...
I asked her the other day what she would like for her birthday and her reply was, a cake, party hats, punch, and lots of presents. I then asked her what she wanted on her cake to which she replied.... jaguar spots, music notes, butterflys and I pondered this for a while thinking how I would marry these things together to get a cake that did not look like I had pasted pictures from magazines all over it willy nilly.. and this is what I came up with...


Thursday, May 9, 2013


Yep that's right I got a teaching gig at the Brisbane Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo for Couture Creations so best you book.. Sundays class is filling fast so better hurry. You can book online here

here is a sneak peek of what you will be making

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Well only 4 more weeks until retreat... Venue paid for, present shopping started...Lesa has food under sorted... Just need to start screen printing shirts for those who ordered last retreat.
Need to sort vehicles to get all this stuff to the venue...may have to do a bit of grovelling to my darling brother.
Emails coming out shortly girls...


Monday, May 6, 2013


Hi Creators

My husband works away a lot and my beautiful 8yr old daughter Tayla is a wonderful help to me, she helps me with her little sister (3), does chores and is generally a wonderful young lady. So as a surprise I made this frame for her bedroom wall as a gift for all that she does.

I purchased 2,  8"x10" black frames from my local discount store and then cut a piece of white cardstock with the Couture Creations Fantasia Doily Die Irish Dreams (first applying the ejection foam that comes with the die that is found in between the back packaging).
I stamped a T for her name in the middle of the doily. Then with Couture Creations 12ml Double Sided Tape I covered the gap in the back of the doily, just around the centre. Flipping in over I used my Couture Creations Precision Craft Knife to trim away any unwanted tape. I then applied some blue glitter (being Tayla's favourite colour).
I then took the glass from my second frame and sandwiched the doily in between it and the original frame. HINT: I made some chipboard chocks to keep the glass in place as I did not want to use the backing board from the frame but you could use silicone to do this as a more permanent solution.

Then I simply embellished the front of the glass with some matching elements.
The best thing about this Frame is that Tayla loved it!

Couture Creations Products used

Keep on creating!