Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Hi Everyone
My 5 year old daughter is a huge Minnie Mouse Fan... So much so that she has one of the walls in her room painted with polka dots...She also has a Minnie inspired toy timber kitchen that she calls  Minnie's Café. A couple of weeks ago she mentioned very matter of fact that she did not have a bin for Minnie's Café.
(hint hint Mum, its no hard to get me to make these things... I mean who doesn't love Minnie Mouse?)
 So with the help of some Couture Creations Nesting Dies and some Glitter I made her Minnie's Bin.
I purchased a MDF waste paper bin from my local hardware store and painted it black.
I then cut 1 large Couture Creations Circle Nesting Die, quite a few of a smaller one and  1 small Victorian rectangle nesting die from Double Sided Adhesive paper.
I Then adhered them to my painted panels leaving the top backing paper in place. I layered Minnie's silhouette with the large Circle being her face, 2 of the smaller circles as her ears and the Victorian rectangle as Minnie,s Bow!
I then sprayed the entire panel with Spray adhesive and added Black Glitter.
For good coverage I repeated this process.
I then removed all the top backing papers from the Adhesive paper with the Couture Creations Pokey Tool from the Handheld essentials kit, all except for the Victorian Rectangle, I left the top of that in place.
Then I added silver glitter to the Adhesive paper and tapped off the excess. I then removed the top backing paper from the Victorian Rectangle and added red Glitter!
I repeated this process with all sides of my project and then sealed them with a few coats of Spray sealer. After they dried I assemble my project.
the perfect bin for Minnie's café!!!!

This technique can be transferred to cardstock for cards and Scrapbooking layouts using any of the Couture Creations Dies...just leave out the sealer!!
Thanks for stopping by... Have a Minnietastic Day!

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