Monday, December 29, 2014


Hi Everyone
As this year comes to a close I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU.
 For me this year has been one of joy and discovery. I have been blessed with a year where my children have shone and I have been able to spend some amazing moments with them both. I have been able to spend my year doing something I love, thanks to my very supportive Husband Phillip and Couture Creations.
And of course.. Thank you for Tuning into the Couture Creations Blog this year to check out all the things we have created with some amazing products by Couture Creations.
I made this card for my Daughters Cheerleading Coach but it really is for all of you as well.
This card is a 6" square card using a couple of pieces of the gorgeous Couture Creations Vintage Rose 6x6 Paper Pad.  
I then cut 4 of the Couture Creations Vintage Rose Vintage Borders from Core Dinations Fern Card Stock and made them into a square using my Couture Creations (very well used) 15x15 Self Healing mat as a guide!
Then with a piece of Vintage Rose Paper I covered the centre.
I added this to the front of my card  and then cut a Couture Creations Square Plaque and embossed it using the Couture Creations Universal Embossing Mat. Then stamped a message and added it to my card.
Then using the Couture Creations Vintage Rose Vintage Branch Die I cut 2 branches. To the front of my card I added some seam binding ribbon and a bow. Then I added the branches as foliage under some flowers.
So Thank so Much for coming to visit my last post for 2014!
May your 2015 be filled with all the love and happiness you could wish for.......
Oh and Happy Anniversary to my Mum and Dad!!!
51 years Today!
 Love you both.

Monday, December 8, 2014


Hi Everyone
The school year is coming to a close very quickly if not already for some. My children finish school for the Xmas break this coming Friday. So I thought it about time I organized some Teachers Gifts. My children have been blessed this year with extraordinary teachers....The encouragement they have given my girls to strive to be the best they could be was second to none. Through this encouragement my girls, especially my eldest, have excelled beyond my comprehension. So to thank them for going above and beyond their duties as a Teacher and really caring for the well being and education of my 2 girls, I made them these.....
To make a Stationery Cakes simply take 3 round gift boxes of different diameters and stack, leaving the lid off the smallest ( I pop the lid in one of the other boxes). Then of course you will need an assortment of stationery that is about the same height as your gift boxes (or your teachers favourite Choc Bar), a cake board and some ribbon and embellishments. Once you have your supplies, cover the outside of your gift boxes one tier at a time.
Then wrap some ribbon around your stationery and secure with hot Glue and embellish with Couture Creations Holly Branch Flourish Die Cut, cut from Core dinations Glitter Silk Card stock and some Jingle Bells.
Crayons are a great item to cover your gift boxes with especially for the younger Grade teachers. They will definitely come in handy for them next year! My second layer is sticky notes ( a little harder to get around the box but worth the effort). I have embellished this layer with an opposing colour Glitter silk Holly Branch Flourish.

My third layer is erasers, good for all those mistakes that the kids make! This time due to a lack of space I have embellished with the Couture Creations Holly and Berries Die Cut. Looks Fab don't you think?
Finally at the very top in my open box I have placed a small container (a plastic cup works well also) wrapped around the bottom of the container is some award stickers that should come in handy next year too! Along with some candy canes, pencils and a novelty USB stick. To finish off this very last part of my stationery cake I have mounted a die cut Couture Creations Merry Christmas onto acetate using the new Couture Creations 2 Way Glue Pen and attached it to a stick and popped it in with the pencils.
If you are like me and think Teachers have Super Powers then these are a great and useful gift ....
and the Couture Creations Merry Little Christmas Die Cuts finish them off perfectly!
I loved making these so much I made two for my daughters also... they will go under the tree on Christmas morning! 
For my 9yr old Daughter Tayla who loves loom bands, I have done her Lollies (candy) and loom bands and I have filled the gift boxes with packs of loom bands as well!!!
For my 5yr old Minnie Mouse obsessed Daughter I have done a chocolate and stationery cake..
The note books and pencils are because she loves writing out peoples orders at Minnie's CafĂ©!
The boxes are filled with the left over chocolates from the packs.
So grab some of our Couture Creations Merry Little Christmas Dies and create your own