Thursday, December 31, 2015


Hi Everyone 

As we leave 2015 behind and start to make our resolutions for the coming new year, I thought that it might be a good time to Treasure The Time and Love the Moments.
I am not sure about you guys but my year just flew past, and it is just now that I am reflecting on the things I brushed off as not important or the things I rushed by to get on with life. 
So I would like to remind some of my friends and family to maybe, next year...stop, laugh and smile. Because they will blink and 2016 will be over too.
So I thought a new years card with a difference was in order!!

To make this card I did a lot of layering using the Couture Creations Vintage Rose Garden 6x6 Paper Pad. I first cut a card base from Ultimate Crafts Card stock - Paper Bag at 6 1/2' x 8' and folded it in half. then using the Vintage Rose Pattern paper I cut a 6 x 3 1/2 mat and adhered to the base directly.

I then cut another card stock mat at 5 1/2 x 3 inches and mounted that to the base using Couture Creations foam mounting tape.
followed by to more pattern paper mats at 5 1/4 x 2 3/4 and 5 x 2 1/2.
Distressing the edges of the pattern paper as I went 
I then added some hessian that I cut at 4'x2' and frayed the edges slightly.

I added some pleated trim across the center and Cut a Perfectly Petite Doily Irish Lace to the right side of the trim.
I then added some small roses in matching colours before adding some Couture Creations Self Adhesive Gemstones.

I then found the quote pattern paper in the 6 x 6 Vintage Rose Pattern Paper Pad and cut the words Laugh and Smile out to add to the front of my card.

Then I added the quote that started me thinking!

Make sure you take time today....
Before the stroke of midnight to think about all those things that past us by so very quickly.
and when you do... 
don't forget to Laugh and Smile.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful, happy and safe


Monday, December 14, 2015

All Occasion Glitter

Hi Everyone 

I think those who have birthdays in and other occasions in December are a little forgotten sometimes so I have made a Quick card using the New Couture Creations Glitter Card stock that can be used for any occasion.

To make this card, make a blank card base using Ultimate Crafts Snow White Cardstock. 
the cut a base mat Using the New Couture Cretions Glitter Cardstock. Its super glittery and the glitter stays put! You wont find any on your hands left in, your dies or on you trimmer yay!!! 

Then from the left over snow white cardstock cut a top mat. take the Couture Creations Hearts Ease Chain Link Embossing Folder and spritz the top with a matching spritz and add some Couture Creations Glitzin Glamour Crystalina and move it around with your had. then add the cardstock to the embossing folder and run through your machine.

add some lace, feathers and pins. Then cut 2 die cuts from the Perfectly Petite Irish lace die from the remaining glitter cardstock 

add these glittery little gems to the front of your card and add a Couture Creations Camden Cottage Rose.

To finish off add some of the brand new Couture Creations 3mm  Pearls in Stunning Silver.

So for all those people born in December or getting engaged, married, having an anniversary or jsut about anything this one is for YOU!!

Couture Creations Products used 
CO724643 3mm Pearls - Stunning Silver 
CO724575 Glitter Cardstock
CO724145 Perfectly Petite - Irish Lace 
CO721971 Glitzin Glamour - Crystalina 
CO724296 Bulk Flower - Camden Cottage Rose 
CO724374 Hearts Ease - Chain Link

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Hi Everyone 

A super quick card from me today using some of the Couture Creations Perfectly Petite Doilies Range and Kalini Die Ranges along with some other great Couture Creations Products.

I started this card with the background. I add some Couture Creations Glitzin Glamour to some texture paste and mixed it together 

This gave me a gorgeous glittery appearance to my texture paste which I smeared onto the front of my card and dried with a Couture Creations Heat Tool.

I then cut out 
 Couture Creations Perfectly Petite Doilies - Irish Lace and adhered them over the top of my texture Paste 

Then I had a play with some Couture Creations Flower. I took two of the flowers and took off one of the gemstones in the center. Then I adhered them together and squashed to them up to give some texture and height. then added them over the Doilies.

Then I cut A Couture Creations Kalini - Swinging on a tree Die cut from some foil silver card 

I cut the branches from the tree to add to my flowers as foliage, tucking them in in random places

I then added some metal embellishments and sequence, backed it on a foil silver mat and popped it onto a white card. 

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Couture Creations Products used 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Hi Everyone 

I found myself with a small empty bottle the other day! Yes I now this is not a big deal really, unless it one of those Mini Crystal Head Vodka Bottles and Halloween is just around the corner.
I fill my Crystal Skull with water that I added a touch of food colouring too and resealed it. Then I made it a Halloween Hat.

This will take pride of place in my Halloween decorations. To do this project all you need is a crystal skull, and some Couture Creations.

To make the base of your hat take some Couture Creations Circle Nesting Dies and cut a large circle then cut a smaller from the center or do them both at once!

Then take a strip of cardstock and roll it then attache the brim of your hat and the top of your hat.

Then cut a Couture Creations Lace Pockets and fun Tied together Saxony die and tim the edges so you are left with a neat rectangle. Then attach it to the front of your hat

Using Couture Creations 2mm Gemstones add a gem to the points where the pattern meet. 
Then of course we need to add flowers!! 
You can see how to make the flowers on my previous post for the Classic Violin you just need to use the second smallest Couture Creations Floral Layers Die
Here is a Link to take you there FLOWERS TUT!

Once you have made your flowers you can then attach them to your hat! I have also used some coal coloured muslin underneath with a metal embellishment. then I took the Bird from the Couture Creations Secret Garden Sparrow on a branch and cut him out in black so he looked like a crow and added him above the flowers.
To finish it off I add some flourishes cut from the Secret Garden  Tall Flourish die. 
Oh and of course a little bottle of magic dust on the side!

Here is a closer look at the awesome Couture Creations Die cuts!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Hi Everyone 

Recently I was asked by my daughters school to recycle an old violin that was broken. The school wanted to do a display of instruments to inspire the students to think of music in a different way.
So I set out to make some thing beautiful and classic, that's how I see the music played by the violin. Teamed up with all those other orchestral instruments it really does make a beautiful and classic sound. I also see the violin as a very formal instrument. 
This is what I came up with. 

I first stripped the violin of its strings and features and gave it a couple of coats of black enamel paint and of course let it dry. I then restrung it with some metallic gold string. then added some laser cut stickers.
Then I hand made each flower with a Couture Creations Floral Layers Die.

I cut 6 flowers from the largest die and then shaped them as follows 

Roll the petals over the end of a paint brush or a cake skewer. Roll the first flowers petals down.
then roll one of the flowers petals upwards. Then the rest roll the petals around the skewer.
then shape them as above. 

then simply layer the flowers, adhering with hot glue as above. 
You can spray them with spray adhesive and add glitter, spritz them, make them two toned or even spray them with bleach for different effects. 
I added some Couture Creations Everyday Essentials Strawberry Leaves around my flowers for a fuller feel. 

Here is hoping that the kids at school are inspired to lay something beautiful!

Couture Creations Products used 
CO724115 Everday Essentials - Strawberry Leaf 
CO724161 Floral Layers - 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Hi Everyone 

I am loving the fairy die from the Secret Garden Collection from Couture Creations
With this card I experimented with just the wings from it and made the super butterfly on the bottom of this card.

To make this card I took a piece of white card stock and spritzed it with a bright purple spritz. 
I then added Some Couture Creations Glitzin Glamour Silver to the top and smoothed it out with a spatula .

I then added some splotches of Glitter Paste.
Whilst still wet I added two of the flourishes from the Secret Garden Collection 

I also added some silver embellishments and a ribbon bow.
I then added the one of the letterboxes from the Secret Garden Letterbox set.

I then cut 2 of the Secret Garden Elegant Fairies and cut their wings as shown below.

then I flipped one of them and adhered them to my card in the shape of a butterfly adding Couture Creations Adhesive Gemstones as the butterflies body. 

I hope you love the Couture Creations Secret Garden Collection as much as I do!

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Hi Everyone 

I believe in fairies. Do you?
I love the thought of a Fearieland filled with glittery winged fairies. 
So with the release of Couture Creations Secret Garden Collection I decided I would indulge in my belief and create a Fearieland of my own and look what I caught!!

I was lucky enough to come across this metal lantern so I thought it was the perfect thing to catch my prize.

I started by putting some wood wire on the bottom after spritzing it green.
In the back corner of the lantern I cut several Couture Creations Secret Garden 3 Sleeping Stems and with hot glue secured them in position. I added some Gold Glitz n Glamour to the flower buds for effect.
Then I found a good sized branch from my garden and cut it down to fit inside and again secured it with hot glue. 
Around the inside bottom of the lantern I added a few Couture Creations Secret Garden Pointy Fence die cuts.

Then I cut several Couture Creations Secret Garden Large Winter Trees in a couple of different shades of green and used their foliage adding Green Glitz n Glamour on the odd branch.

Then I grabbed a Stone from the garden to add for my fairy to sit on! 
I cut 2 Couture Creations Secret Garden Elegant Fairy and stuck them together, separating their wings and adding Crystalina Glitz n Glamour. 
Then I added some flowers to entice my fairy to come in!
I did this by cutting some Couture Creations Secret Garden Layered Blooms in different colours and added a Couture Creations Adhesive Gemstones in matching colours.
I added some plastic crystal rocks to the bottom for a magical feel. 

Then to add to this magical fairy land I added some Fairy Lights!!

On the outside of my Fearieland I added some twine and lace and finished it off with some Couture Creations Flowers and the beautiful Secret Garden Tall Flourish and Butterfly flourish 1 and 2.
And topped it all of with the Secret Garden Layered Butterfly and of course 

See if you can catch a fairy!!!!

Couture Creations Products Used 
CO724274 Secret Garden Pointy Fence 
CO724278 Secret Garden Buterfly Flourish 1
CO724279 Secret Garden Butterfly Flourish 2
CO724280v Secret Garden Tall Flourish 
CO724272 Secret Garden Layered Butterfly 
CO724270 Secret Garden 3 Sleeping Stems 
CO724271 Secret Garden Layered Bloom 
CO724281 Secret Garden Elegant Fairy 
CO724283 Secret Garden Large Winter Tree