Monday, June 29, 2015


Hi Everyone 

I seem to struggle a bit with male orientated Cards, could be the fact that I have two daughters but every now and then they will be invited to a boys birthday party or such and I never ever have male/boy cards made up waiting to be used. So..... I thought I would give one a go using the Couture Creations Mikashet Emboss Folders and some Kalini Dies.

First off I embossed some white cardstock with the Couture Creations Mikashet Grungy Cogs n Gears Emboss Folder 

Then using some scrap cardstock I cut the Couture Creations Everyday Essentials Chevron Arrows 3 form a stencil.

I then squeezed a good amount of Couture Creations Silver Glitzin Glamour into a small container and added some loose blue glitter and stirred to make my very own Glitter Paste.

Using the stencil I made from the Chevron Arrow I wiped the glitter paste over the top of my cogs n gears Embossed base.

I took the homemade stencil off to reveal my awesome pattern and then dried it with my Couture Creations Heat Tool 

I then added some white Muslin over the top and with the same embossing folder, embossed a chipboard star. 

Then I cut some cogs out with the Couture Creations Kalini Gears 2 Dies and along with Couture Creations Heat Tool and Non Stick Craft Mat embossed the gears with some silver embossing powder. 

Then I used the remaining bit of Glitter Paste on some arrow Chipboard, I then added all these to the fornt of my card. 

Right... That should do nicely for the next 6 yr old male birthday party that my daughter springs on me at the last minute because the invitation has been in her school bag for a fortnight!!!!

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