Saturday, August 29, 2015


Hi Everyone 

I believe in fairies. Do you?
I love the thought of a Fearieland filled with glittery winged fairies. 
So with the release of Couture Creations Secret Garden Collection I decided I would indulge in my belief and create a Fearieland of my own and look what I caught!!

I was lucky enough to come across this metal lantern so I thought it was the perfect thing to catch my prize.

I started by putting some wood wire on the bottom after spritzing it green.
In the back corner of the lantern I cut several Couture Creations Secret Garden 3 Sleeping Stems and with hot glue secured them in position. I added some Gold Glitz n Glamour to the flower buds for effect.
Then I found a good sized branch from my garden and cut it down to fit inside and again secured it with hot glue. 
Around the inside bottom of the lantern I added a few Couture Creations Secret Garden Pointy Fence die cuts.

Then I cut several Couture Creations Secret Garden Large Winter Trees in a couple of different shades of green and used their foliage adding Green Glitz n Glamour on the odd branch.

Then I grabbed a Stone from the garden to add for my fairy to sit on! 
I cut 2 Couture Creations Secret Garden Elegant Fairy and stuck them together, separating their wings and adding Crystalina Glitz n Glamour. 
Then I added some flowers to entice my fairy to come in!
I did this by cutting some Couture Creations Secret Garden Layered Blooms in different colours and added a Couture Creations Adhesive Gemstones in matching colours.
I added some plastic crystal rocks to the bottom for a magical feel. 

Then to add to this magical fairy land I added some Fairy Lights!!

On the outside of my Fearieland I added some twine and lace and finished it off with some Couture Creations Flowers and the beautiful Secret Garden Tall Flourish and Butterfly flourish 1 and 2.
And topped it all of with the Secret Garden Layered Butterfly and of course 

See if you can catch a fairy!!!!

Couture Creations Products Used 
CO724274 Secret Garden Pointy Fence 
CO724278 Secret Garden Buterfly Flourish 1
CO724279 Secret Garden Butterfly Flourish 2
CO724280v Secret Garden Tall Flourish 
CO724272 Secret Garden Layered Butterfly 
CO724270 Secret Garden 3 Sleeping Stems 
CO724271 Secret Garden Layered Bloom 
CO724281 Secret Garden Elegant Fairy 
CO724283 Secret Garden Large Winter Tree