Thursday, November 10, 2016


Hi Everyone 

I have being playing with it again along with the Wild and Free Collection.

Sorry about the shadow on this pic but was the best one to show the colour.

I started this card by grabbing out a piece of Couture Creations Glitter Cardstock in white.
Then I mixed some Couture Creations Yellow Pigment Powder with some alcohol and brushed it onto the cardstock and let dry.

Then Cutting some scrap cardstock with the Couture Creations Wild and Free Love Birds Feather.

Then with a Couture Creations 2 Way Glue pen I added some glue to the back of my die cut and waited for it to dry so it would be repositionable.

then attach it directly over the yellow glitter cardstock.

Then I mixed some Green Pigment Powder with the Couture Creations Acrylic Gesso. Smoothing the mixture over the adhered feather.

then remove the die cut and reveal the yellow feather underneath. Add some pigment powders to the top of your gesso and shake off excess .. allow the to dry.

Then cut a feather from left over glitter card stock and using some alcohol and pigment powders colour over the glitter to create this gorgeous effect and let dry.

Once dry cut your creations to the size card you desire and arrange your feather and some real feathers, some trims etc and adhere into place

From the Wild and Free Sticker Sheet choose a round sticker and add to some cardstock. Cut the cardstock slightly bigger than your sticker. The cut an opposing colour surround from the sticker sheet and add to the circle sticker. 

Cut around the edges of the surround and mount at the head of your feather cluster.

add a rub on if desired. To finish off add some Couture Creations 2mm Gemstones in Powder Blue and Golden Touch.

Couture Creations Products Used 

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